Furnished Offices

All Magnolia Business Center offices are fully furnished to meet every need for prestige and functionality.

Business offices.

MA.BU.C ® has single or communicating executive offices, from 1 to 4 positions with executive desks 120/160 x 160cm.

Basic offices.

MA.BU.C ® has single or communicating offices from 2 to more locations with 130 x 80 cm desks.

Each office is equipped with a pass-through telephone line and 100mbit high-speed connections and Wi-Fi connection.

The reception staff guarantees secretarial services by managing phone calls in your absence, advising you by e-mail, fax or sms in case of urgent messages, and taking care of the reception of your guests, operating as an integral part of your staff.

Outside the building a plaque will be affixed with your name and logo, while address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address can be entered in a personalized way in your documentation, business cards, letterhead and website.

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